kōkōjoo caffeine


kōkōjoo caffeine is a natural caffeinated soft drink based on cocoa bean shells. It can also be called cocoa lemonade or natural wake-up drink. kōkōjoo caffeine consists of the same ingredients as kōkōjoo original and is just as nutrient-rich as the former. However, the combination of theobromine and caffeine (obtained via cold brew) makes kōkōjoo caffeine into the perfect invigorating refreshment and the best choice to replace traditional energy drinks that are full of artificial substances.

kokojoo caffeine

What our community says:

«KOKOJOO – DOUZE POINTS!» ... KOKOJOO, you are my little Hansel in my nursery rhyme. Merci that you exist!
No longer without Kokojoo! I have been looking for a long time for a cool caffeinated drink that is really delicious. Kokojoo has instantly wowed me!!! My new absolutely favorite drink!

Why wait? Be authentic & Enjoy the original!

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