Cocoa husk refreshing drink: the original since 2018

Discover the ultimate cocoa fruit refreshment - of course without milk!

Cocoa fruit soft drink made from cocoa husk; this is kōkōjoo original. It can also be called cocoa lemonade. kōkōjoo original contains theobromine and is up to 92% infusion of cocoa bean shells. It is yet sweetened with agave syrup and contains only 2.58g of sugar per 100ml. kōkōjoo original is low in calories and rich in antioxidants and vitamin B12, among others. Bottom line, the ultimate cocoa refreshment with no regrets.

What our community says:

«KOKOJOO – DOUZE POINTS!» ... KOKOJOO, you are my little Hansel in my nursery rhyme. Merci that you exist!
No longer without Kokojoo! I have been looking for a long time for a cool caffeinated drink that is really delicious. Kokojoo has instantly wowed me!!! My new absolutely favorite drink!

Why wait?
Be authentic and enjoy the original!

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