kōkōjoo caffeine caffeinated cacao soft drink


Your natural boost drink made from the cocoa fruit.

Discover the modern remix of a true classic: made of cocoa but definitely not chocolate. With kōkōjoo caffeine, we offer you the full joy of cacao: the perfect revitalizing refreshment and best healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks, that are often full of artificial substances. Pure or mixed, kōkōjoo tastes best cold.

Description, Ingredients and Nutritional Values

Caffeinated cocoa fruit drink made from cocoa bean shells; this is kōkōjoo caffeine. It can also be called caffeinated cocoa lemonade or natural energizer. kōkōjoo caffeine is made from the same ingredients as kōkōjoo original and is as nutritious. The combination of theobromine and caffeine (obtained through cold brew) makes kōkōjoo caffeine the perfect energizing refreshment and the best alternative to conventional energy drinks that are often full of artificial substances.

92.8% infusion of cocoa bean shells, agave syrup, lemon juice concentrate, Carbonated water and natural flavoring

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